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Top 10 for Iddon at Knockhill

It was an up and down weekend for the team at the Scottish circuit, with both riders making progress in free practice. Iddon was consistently inside the top six in Friday's sessions, but a crash in the second qualifying session left him 15th on the grid. After a good start a loose throttle cable ended his race early, and also meant he would start from 21st and row seven in race two.

Another good start and opening lap saw Iddon make up a number of positions and was soon battling inside the top 10, but drops of rain meant the red flags came out. 11th on the grid for the res tart, Iddon was again inside the top 10 but lost two places on the final laps to finish 10th.

Christian Iddon, "We're just getting all of our bad luck at once; with us when it rains it pours. It's no one's fault, it's just one of those things sadly. In the second race I got a good start and we were fighting for the top 10. The red flags pushed me back to 11th for the restart but I still thought we could have a go. Everyone's working so hard, but we're just not getting the rewards. It might not look like it but we've made massive inroads with the bike and we just want to get the season back on track."

Josh Waters was looking for a solid points haul in race one after improving the bike and his times all through practice. After an intermittent problem he retired in race one, but raced to 15th in race two.

Josh Waters, "It's been a frustrating weekend results wise but we've further imp roved the bike and we are definitely moving in the right direction. It's so tight around Knockhill and the times are so close, but we're taking the positives away from the changes to the bike and we'll keep working at Brands Hatch."

Team Manager Jack Valentine, "We couldn't have had a worse race one to be honest. We started the weekend strongly but had a bit of a nightmare. On Josh's bike there was nothing immediately obvious with anything but the team worked hard to change the engine for race two as a precaution. We'll go back to base and take a look at everything. But with the problems we had the grid spots for race two were worse than our qualifying positions.

"In race two Christian got his head down as was looking strong and fighting for position inside the top 10. The red flags came out for the rain and he was 11th on the grid for the restart. He again was fighting for a good finish and wa s in eighth with two laps to go but unfortunately got pipped in the closing stages and finished 10th. It's not what we were looking for at the start of the weekend but after the round we've had I'm happy to get a solid finish under our belt."

Race One - 1. Shane Byrne 2. Stuart Easton 3. Josh Brookes 4. Jason O'Halloran 5. Michael Laverty. DNF. Christian Iddon DNF. Josh Waters

Race Two - 1. Shane Byrne 2. Stuart Easton 3. Josh Brookes 4. Ryuichi Kiyonari 5. Jason O'Halloran 10. Christian Iddon 15. Josh Waters