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Jack's Blog

Happy New Year everybody, hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish you all well for 2013.

Well it was back in October 2012 when I last blogged, it was my last outing with the Fixi Crescent Suzuki Team at their last test of the year in Aragon. I'm pleased to say everything went well, especially Leon Camier who was right on the pace with the new 17" wheels and Pirelli tyres for this year. It was great to leave the team on a high after a successful test and five years in charge, while disappointed I will not be manager of the team this year, I'm proud to have finished my contract with Crescent in a professional way and left the team in a very strong position for 2013.

So onto what Jack and Valmoto will be doing this year… Once it became common knowledge I wouldn't be with Crescent I was amazed at the interest in my services and the rumour mill was in full swing. Once this had settled down I found myself with three possibilities, with one in particular which I thought was a very serious proposal to form a new BSB Team from scratch with a local business man.

With the first two established team possibilities fading due to budget and internal decisions it was exciting to be looking at forming a team from scratch again and I put in over a months work: getting all the groundwork done, talking to potential riders, sponsors, staff and all the things that are required to set up a team. I was told the team had secured a title sponsor but didn't need it anyway because funding would be available and was really excited after numerous positive meetings that 100% this was going to happen.

Then in early December the communication stopped, no return calls, e-mails or texts and I've not heard from them since. Not even a sorry we don't want to proceed, I feel like commenting more strongly but going to stay professional as always.

So that's where we are at right now and it's looking like I might have to take a sabbatical and spend a year working on deals for 2014 and return with my own Valmoto run team and do it right.

I've got a couple of outside possibilities left, one which may see me doing something at the North West and T.T. But unless I'm happy with things I'll give it a miss. Anyway that's it for now I'm in Verbier for a genuine sponsor Richard Wynn of Fixi PLC wedding then its back home and back to the drawing board.

Will keep you posted.


Big Jack.