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Time to hit top gear!

The last month has just been mega for everyone involved at Samsung Crescent Suzuki. The mood in the team is amazing and the results we are getting out on track just keep getting better.

Since we last spoke we have been super busy. We have completed two more rounds of the BSB Championship; we have had a number of private tests and competed as wild cards in the World Superbike Championship! Now to top it all off we have a triple header at Brands Hatch this weekend! We are definitely earning our crust at the minute. But when the results are going good you simply can’t get enough.

Obviously racing has its ups and downs as always but I am really impressed with what we have been able to achieve. Hopper is really stamping his authority on the British Championship, getting the job done at tracks that are notoriously hard to learn and even harder to master. I really cannot say enough about the lad. He is seriously talented, a real pro and a pleasure to work with.

JK is having a mixed season to be honest. Making the transition from Superstock level to riding a superbike against some of the best in the business is never going to be easy but we know he can do it. We are working on building his confidence and adapting the bike to ensure that he gets the results we all know he can get. He just needs to keep focused now and really push to develop his skills because there is no doubting his commitment and natural talent.

Now, I must talk a bit about the wildcard round at Silverstone. What a weekend! We went there knowing we had a serious job on and if we were realistically going to compete with the best in the world we needed to take it to the next level.

Also, given the ruling in BSB, we went there with only 1 bike per rider while the WSBK teams are allowed two bikes each. Therefore we weren’t able to jump off one bike and onto another to try and find the best set-up. We had to keep it simple and make the right decisions. We knew what we had to do and we went out there and did it!

Hopper was straight away the fastest man out there, topping the sheets in free practice on a track he has only done about 20 laps on. Then come Superpole Hopper went out there again and banged it on pole position, breaking the lap record. It really was an amazing achievement for the team, for Hopper and everyone involved. No one expected us to turn up and do the job we did and for me it was amazing to be a part of it.

Hopper eventually managed a 5th and 7th in the races,  which on the world stage is a great achievement. Over 18 laps it was always going to be hard to keep the factory teams at bay but we held our own and did an amazing job. JK was having a few issues over the weekend and it was asking a lot for him to take it to the WSBK regulars. But he came away with some world championship points and managed to finish both races in the points. He stayed on the bike and looked good.

Now we are just on such a high and ready to continue the job in BSB. Hopper needs as many podium credits as he can get and JK needs to try and break into the top six. Both are possible, we just need to make it happen!