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Moving Forward

On the whole, the last few weeks have been pretty good to us. We’ve done our fair share of testing between rounds and looked good in the races. It’s good to see that both riders are feeling comfortable on the bike and lapping fast. I am really looking forward to the seeing what we can do as the season progresses.

Last time we spoke we were preparing for the race at Knockhill after completing a successful test there. Hopper and JK had really impressed in testing and we felt really confident going into the weekend.

As expected, the weather was less than favourable but we had prepared for that. Hopper and JK looked strong throughout practice and qualifying and looked set to be fighting for the podium come rain or shine. Race one and Hopper battled hard at the front with Tommy, eventually finishing in second place. JK also looked good in the tricky conditions and managed to secure 8th overall.

Sadly come race 2, fortunes took a sudden turn for the worse. Hopper got a rogue rear tyre and simply couldn’t get the power down. It eventually ended in Hopper crashing out of the race and messing JK up in the process. JK was forced to work over time for the remainder of the race and managed to claw himself back up to 11th from being dead last…a great result for him given the circumstances. But Hopper was livid and damaged his shoulder in the process. Not good.

We had agreed to complete a track day at Snetterton 300 as I really wanted both riders to become accustomed to the new layout. Hopper had his injury checked and confirmed he had a fractured but stable collarbone, but he was determined to take part in the planned Tuesday test. He was in good company when he arrived though as the rest of the boys were battered and bruised, but de-stressed after JK took them out at one of the tough Scottish trail parks on the way back from Knockhill!