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Samsung Crescent Racing ready for BSB battle

The Samsung Crescent Racing team is ready for BSB battle this weekend. The first round of the 2011 British Superbikes championship takes place at Brands Hatch, with extended practice and qualifying starting on Good Friday leading up to race day on Easter Monday.

The team's riders, John Hopkins and Jon Kirkham, have enjoyed a long and productive pre-season of testing, both in Spain and in the UK, and report they are 100% ready to race.

John Hopkins: "We've had a great run-up to the season, the testing has been fantastic and I'm so impressed with how the team works, it's all very professional. And having had a chance to get a race under my belt in MotoGP means I'm not as race rusty as I might have been.

"But now it's all about getting the best results we can in BSB, and nothing less. I am 100% focused on the racing to come and I'll be doing everything I can to get the results we deserve. I've said that I want to enjoy my racing much more now, to put on a good show for the fans, but I also know that BSB is one of the toughest arenas in bike sport. This is no walk in the park, this is racing at its toughest and tough is how I must come into this. You don't go racing to finish well-placed, you go racing to win."

Jon Kirkham: "Brands is going to be a weekend of reckoning, that's for sure. This is my rookie season and so the team has worked hard to give me all the support I've needed in coming to terms with the BSB environment. As a result I'm in a far stronger position coming into the season than I thought possible just three months ago.

"The pre-season testing has been very thorough and by staying dedicated to the task I'm arriving at Brands Hatch with lap times that have surprised even me. Of course, there's a big difference once we're all on track together – that's when the gloves come off – but I could n't be in a better position than the team has got me to right now."

Jack Valentine, team manager: "Brands Hatch is like D-Day for us. Months of planning, development and testing all lead up to this one moment. And always, it's one hell of a moment. With the Indy circuit being so short, with no real straights to speak of, it's a highly-charged, intensely-focused start to the season. It's so nasty that to be honest I don't enjoy it. It's great to get started, but it's an unbelievably tough way to start.

"That said, we're coming to Brands on the war path. Samsung Crescent Racing, as always, is here to win races, to win the championship. We're here to be beat every other team in the paddock. Can we do that? We're not saying we can. And we're not saying we can't. But we're certainly ready for the fight."