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Thatís racing!

Its a real shame that we didnt clinch the title. We led the title fight all year; we looked good, felt good and had everything in place. But sadly we fell short at the last hurdle. Still, thats racing. In this game nothing is over until its over, and when youre down all you can do is pick yourself up and go again. We wont let this disappointment hold us back for a minute.

Everyone in the team has put in 110% this year, I simply couldnt have asked for any more. They have done all that was asked of them and more, and I feel privileged to have had those guys in my team.

The same goes for Tommy. He has shown his true potential this year. He has matured into a great racer and gone about his work in an extremely professional manner. Sadly, after a pretty much flawless year Tommy made a mistake, right at the point where he didnt need it. Still, hats off to the lad because he got the team in a position to win the title and thats what we wanted. He is a quality rider and he will be back fighting even harder next year.

Im disappointed that the season didnt turn out as we wanted for Yukio. We really could have done with him helping Tommy at the end. He has had some really big crashes this year and despite appearing fit, he has not been 100%. Its a shame because he is a world class rider, with the potential to win races. We just never got the chance to see that this year. Hopefully the winter break will help him recover and be ready for action next year.

On the whole I have really enjoyed the year and the new championship format did exactly what it was designed to do; it made for some incredible racing and an amazing climax to the season. With record attendance figures at Oulton Park for the final round it just goes to show how well it has worked. The Showdown created an amazing spectacle for the fans and it was a real pleasure to be part off.

Now its time for us all to regroup, evaluate and get some well earned rest before preparing for next year. I would like to thank everyone involved for what has been an amazing roller coaster of a year!