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Tough day at the office!

Brands Hatch was a real tough weekend for us. We went there with high hopes as both Yukio and Tommy were feeling confident and ready to go. But for some reason we were left chasing our tails for most of the weekend. Tommy just couldnt find a setup he was comfortable with and was really struggling.

Brands was a triple header, with one race on Saturday and two on Sunday. So the last thing we wanted was one of those weekends where nothing goes right. For Race One Tommy managed to put in a cracking qualifying lap which placed him 4th on the grid but we knew the race was going to be a different story. Yukio also put in a solid performance and qualified 8th on the grid despite a broken hand.

Unfortunately the race was a real struggle for Tommy and he could only muster a 15th place finish, as the bike setup simply didnt work in the tricky conditions. Yukio faired a little better and managed to hold onto 8th place, which was a really good showing given the year he has been having.

For Race Two Tommy made some changes and the track had dried so both riders were hoping for more of a successful outing. Tommy settled on a different setup that seemed to work as he converted a tough Race One into a 6th place finish, which given the weekend we were having was a good result. Yukio again held onto 8th place and was really starting to look like his old self.

Race Three and Tommy was looking like the man we have come to know and love this season. He was back fighting at the front and eventually finished just off of the podium in 4th but he felt a lot happier with the bike which was the main thing. Yukio also went one better with a 7th place finish which meant we had a positive end to a tricky weekend.

Looking forward to Cadwell, Tommy just needs to focus on podium credits and getting as many of them as possible. They will become really important towards the end of the year and we want to put ourselves in the best position possible to go for the title.

In regards to Yukio, our aim is just to keep him on the bike and keep him confident. There has never been any doubt regarding his talent and ability at this level, so we just need to keep him fit and the results will ultimately follow. He is such a committed rider its sometimes more a case of trying to slow him down than speed him up.

Away from the race track both riders have a number of promotional events coming up. Tommy will be attending an open day at George Whites in Cornwall on the 21st August and then both Tommy and Yukio will be attending the Ace Caf in London on 22nd August for a GSXR-day to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary GSXR.

So lots going on, both on and off the track, but I am just looking forward to the next round at Cadwell and hopefully a weekend full of positive results and podium finishes. Its going to be a great event as the Cadwell Bank Holiday event always pulls in the crowds and the racing will be hotter than ever - I cant wait!