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Jack's Blog

Hi everyone

The last time I blogged, I was getting ready to go to Poole Quay with Worx and Blue Chip for our annual sponsors' day… 

It was a warm summer's evening and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Loads of bikes turned out and it was a cracking night. There were some massive yachts in the harbour and Sylvain came down in his Lamborghini. It was more like the Mediterranean than Dorset! Tommy was there too and both lads worked really hard signing autographs and spending plenty of time with fans and sponsors. 

The day after the Poole event, we went to Mallory Park and gave Sylvain a superstock bike to try. He'd been on at me after Brands Hatch, saying he was ready to start riding again, so I couldn't say no! Within minutes of getting on the bike he looked sharp and carved his way through the rest of the riders that were on track. After 25 laps, we called it a day. I'd seen enough to recognise that he's well on the road to recovery. 

We'd had a test booked at Cadwell Park for some time and were going to take Tommy, but with Sylvain getting fitter and fitter, we decided to test with him instead. It was really hard telling Tommy. He's been a real asset to us while Sylvain's been recovering, but he was very professional and understood our decision. 

Sylvain did 45 laps around Cadwell without breaking sweat and looked really good. It took him a while to get into a proper rhythm as Cadwell is very narrow and he was still feeling some pain in his leg. But, it was great preparation for the BSB round there over the August Bank Holiday. 

After the Cadwell test, I travelled back up north and had a weekend off. I played a bit of golf and spent some time with my dogs on the Moors, before doing a bit of prep for Cadwell Park BSB. 

We're delighted to have Sylvain back and he proved his calibre with a solid performance. We kept his tests low key, but once we knew he was coming back, we told the press and the reaction was unbelievable. The fans at Cadwell were terrific and everybody was wishing him well, which shows how the British race-followers have taken to him.

I've been in this business long enough to recognise that Sylvain was in a fair bit of pain during the race weekend and was finding moving on the bike difficult, but despite this, he still managed two top eight finishes. 

I think the work-out during the Cadwell round will have strengthened Sylvain for Croft in a week's time. I'm not going to make any predictions, but I hope that he gets on the front row after qualifying and takes it from there. 

Before Croft, I'm going back to the office to prepare. I might even sneak in a cheeky round of golf! 

All the best,