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Jack’s blog

Hi everybody. It's been a fantastic month since the last time I posted and we've been very busy!

In February the team went to Calafat for a useful three-day shakedown test where we spent some time getting to know the new Crescent Suzuki K9. Then at the beginning of March the team went to Almeria for a three-day test and shared the track with some other BSB teams for the first time this year. The test was a great opportunity to get the team together and for us to gel before the start of the season. It helped us work together as a unit and understand Sylvain and what he can do on the Crescent Suzuki K9. From Almeria we travelled to Guadix for another theree-day test which also went extremely well. In fact, Sylvain was the quickest rider at both Almeria and Guadix, which is very encouraging for the season ahead. The new Crescent Suzuki K9 is possibly even better than last year's bike and even the timesheets have suggested this. Even though the tests went well, we still took time to try every conceivable variation on setup to ensure we had the best one possible. As well as the bike, Sylvain is one of our major strengths this year. I was immediately impressed with his professionalism during the two Spanish tests. His times were also very consistent. During race simulations, he was constantly within a few tenths of his best laps and was running just as strong on lap 25 as he was on lap one.

It wasn't all hard work during the tests though. The lads found time to take their mountain bikes out and enjoy some of the scenery. I managed to squeeze in a few rounds of golf, so everyone was happy! I like to encourage the guys to take a bit of time out during the testing period as the work is so intense.

I find it difficult to switch off from work mode though. During the off-season, I spend most of my time chasing up parts and organising the development process. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night, I'll check my emails! It's a tough job running a team at such a high level of racing, but it's worth it in the end! I just need to tie up a few loose ends before the season starts as most of the hard work is done now. The countdown has begun!

I'll post again before the start of the season to give you my predictions for the year ahead.

All the best,