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Get to know Doris

Personal Information

Place of Birth:
Hamelin, the town in Germany where the Pied Piper led all the kids away. Luckily I did not follow him as the tune he played was not my taste of music!
Marital Status:
Married to Jack

Interesting facts

Favourite Food:
Sauerkraut und Eisbein
Favourite Drink:
I hate German wine with a passion but I love Sambuca
Favourite Country:
Italy because it has fantastic roads to ride my bike on and Austria for the mountains and skiing…and of course the après ski!
Favourite TV Show:

Shameless, it has taught me a lot of colourful language!

Favourite Film:
Amadeus, it's a very old film but still my favourite, it just fascinates me
Rizla blue
Favourite Celebrity:
Jack Valentine, um maybe not - Simon Cowell?
Favourite Song:
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
Favourite Animal
My Loopy German Wirehaired Pointers

Tell us a story….

What is the most romantic thing Jack has ever done?
A few years ago I sold my Harley and as soon as I had done the deed I regretted it. It was a huge mistake and the grieving for it was endless. However this year in the spring time I went to stay with my relatives in Germany for a week. I came back to an empty house as Jack was down in Dorset for a few days, I went into the garage to get something and there she was: MY BELOVED HARLEY!!! It was a very emotional reunion. Jack had secretly hunted down my bike and bought it back for me. I later found out that all our neighbours knew what was going on as they saw him riding it into the garage but not one of them ruined the surprise as they knew how much it would mean to me. Thinking about it now I feel a lump in my throat.
What is your happiest memory?
After the season finished at Brands Hatch we went on a tour through Spain, Sierra Nevada, France and Portugal on our Harleys. That was magical.
What are your guilty pleasures?
Wine and Sambuca (do not really feel guilty about it though)
What can't you live without?
Jack's sense of humour, and he also sings little songs he makes up for me and our loopy dogs.
What was the last surprise you had?
The Harley surprise takes a lot of beating!
Do you have a secret celebrity crush?
Yes I have, it's James McAvoy. I first noticed him in Shameless; he has these very intense eyes....
What did you last dream about?
Last night I dreamt I did not fit into my bikini, I looked like a German sausage in skin that was too tight! It was Horrible. What is even more frightening is that it might come true when we go to Thailand later this year!
What was the last expensive purchase you made?
A pair of Rizla blue glasses which cost me €17.99 on the internet