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Valmoto faces fresh challenge

One man's loss is another's gain, according to the saying. That is certainly often proved true in motorcycle racing. The off-season traditionally sees a large amount of movement between teams and championships. However, although the main focus is usually on rider changes, there are also a lot of movements in terms of team mechanics and managers.

Valmoto is one company that has vast experience of this period in racing. In particular, the company's co-founder and director Jack Valentine, who has seen decades of winter movements between teams and managed a significant amount of them himself.

This places the company in a perfect position to be able to advise staff and managers on the most suitable decisions for their teams. With the racing seasons now at an end, Valmoto is more available to deal with enquiries from teams and riders. In fact, the decision for Foggy Petronas Racing to cease operations in the short-term, means that Jack himself could be in a position to provide personal advice and recommendations.

"We are excited about the prospect of receiving opportunities to help other teams," said Jack. "As a company, we've always tried to push ourselves to achieve success against the odds in motorcycle racing. It's rewarding for us to be able to pass on the knowledge and experience that we've collected to other teams."

For further information or to approach Jack about potential opportunities for 2007 please email