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Baby Martin Arrives

Steve and Sandra are delighted to announce the addition of Axel Alexander into the Martin family, born at 7.06am yesterday, Wednesday 25 October, weighing in at 3.37kg (7lb 4oz) and measuring 50.5cm long.

Steve said, "It's just awesome. It's not totally sunk in yet and the moment of him actually arriving was amazing really - that you've made something like that and so perfect. He's been pretty cool and calm since being born, so I hope that's a sign of things to come!

"I don't know where the time has gone this last twenty four hours. When we have Axel with us the hours seem like minutes but he's also been up in the communal nursery some of the time which is good in that at least Sandy's been able to have some rest, as she worked pretty hard throughout Tuesday night!

"I sent out texts and emails to as many people as I could yesterday, but it was a pretty busy day so I'm sorry if reading our news on the FPR website or getting this press release is the first thing that some our friends and sponsors have heard about Axel's arrival.

"We considered a load of names, but while we were at Brno in July we watched a lot of the Tour de France and there are some cyclists with some great names, so we've got Axel Merckx to thank for inspiration for Axel's name.

"And Alexander was the middle name of an amazing friend of ours called John, who was without doubt the biggest influence and role model in my life, who died last year and we miss greatly."

A week over her due date, Sandra was induced at 6.00pm on Tuesday before a lot of hard work followed for the next thirteen hours!

Sandra said, "Having to be induced didn't make it the quickest or easiest labour around, but it certainly wasn't the worst by far and we've got a fantastic little bundle which makes everything worth it. Axel is totally a little Steve - the same nose, hands and features, so I know he's going to be absolutely gorgeous! He was born on my Nan's birthday and I was induced a year to the day of Steve's kidney operation. We'd have never imagined then that a year on we'd be back at hospital having a baby!"

Steve, Sandra and Axel now have a few weeks at home in Switzerland together before Steve resumes his winter testing programme and they then return to Australia to introduce Axel to the family.